Incy Wincy Spider - Embroidery hoop craft

This little Incy wincy spider doesn't care for water spouts. And we don't really blame him - that is one super snazzy web right there, even if we do say so ourselves!

One of the things I have come to know crafting with a two year old is, if it is engaging from the very start it is successful. Usually I present a little craft tray with paints and paper or what ever it is we are painting, preperation is key. But in this case, as we had multiple steps, we started with me sitting crosslegged. Little A sat on my lap and together we weaved our web while singing Incy Wincy Spider!

Want to make yours?

Here is how we made ours!

You will need:

For the web
  • One embroidery hoop
  • Wool, we used multiple colours,  you can use whatever your creative little heart desires, think out side the box - different colours, textures, even ribbon or string... what ever you please!
  • We decorated our web with various collage materials, once again, there are no rules!
  • Hot glue
For the Spidey
  • One little egg carton cup
  • Paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Two pom poms ( we used black)
  • Four pipe cleaners ( we used black)

As mentioned above we sat together and weaved our web, once complete I sat A down with a craft tray with collage materials, or web and the hot glue gun, and together we decorated Spidey's digs.

We had a craft break, and after lunch and a nap, we came back to the spider.
Little A painted him. Once dry I helped him glue on the pom poms, then eyes. And Spidey's legs. I attached the pipe cleaners together by crossing them over each other, I then bent them to look like little legs and hot glued them underneath spideys body.

Simple yeah? And oh, so fun!


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