Say Cheeeeeese! - Mixed Media Cameras

We made cameras! Master A's master piece on the left. Mine on the right. There is a story behind how we came to making these beauties. A few weeks ago now, A was watching Arthurs christmas, turned around and told me that he wants Santa to bring him, a Surfboard, a Camera and a Guitar.

In my head I am totally thinking 'Dude, you're TWO!'  so I go along with it. A week later he tells me to go to kmart and buy him a camera. And then just last week good old Mr Maker makes a camera. A got so excited, he actually fist pumped and said really really loudly, 'HEIDI! WE CAN MAKE ONE!!!' -- cheeky monkey.

So we did! A little bit each day this week we worked on them. We used a teething rusk box, a food colouring box, a tea box and a TP roll.

He is walking around the house all awesome and stuff, asking everyone to say cheese and 'Shhhhhhmiiiiillleee' 

Are you ready to get crafty?
Ready, set, lets go!

Here is how we made ours

You will need:
  • Boxes, dig through your kitchen cupboard and look for anything camera shaped. We used a herbal tea box, a food colouring box and a teething rusk box.
  • Lids for buttons, think milk bottle tops, yogurt squeezy pouch lids, or wooden beads even maybe pom poms.
  • For the camera lense, we used a plastic lid from a spray can for one camera and a patty pan and TP roll for the other.
  • Fabric or ribbon for a lanyard if you want one
  • If you are making a flash on yours, like my camera has you will need some cardboard and a paper staw.
  • Gather some collage materials to jazzy up your cameras, if your young one is a toddler like mine just find a range of different coloured and textured materials they might find interesting.
  •  Paint
  • Hot Glue

First thing FIRST, CREATE YOUR CAMERA!! bust out the hot glue and get cracking. Glue your boxes together. If you are making a flash on your camera dont add that or the lanyard yet.

Step two: get painting kids! We didnt use a spray primer first, but I suggest if you are crafting with grocery boxes and bottles this usually helps paint stick over the glossy surfaces.

We both chose the colour blue, and it took four coats of paint.

Step three: make it Jazzy, the sky is the limit... pinterest vintage cameras for inspo and get busy, with your collage materials.

Add your flash and lanyard, for my flash I cut a circle from cardboard painted it yellow and glued it to my straw and then  poked a small hole in my camera popped the staw through then hot glued in place. For the lanyard we used a strip of material and hot glued it in place.

Trust me you guys are going to have so much fun creating and playing with these side by side!

H x

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