About me

I live in a country town in South Australia, by the Sea. I am the girl with the floral dress and the over sized basket walking through the markets hunting for vintage. I dont like winter beacuse it means I have to cover my feet. The sound of rain on the window pain, the smell of a fresh packet of colour pencils. Afternoon walks on the beach. I grow what I eat. I wear rose oil on my skin. I like the colour yellow. I am Obsessed with constellations. I have sewn the quilt on my bed. I drink tea made of peppermint and flowers. I listen to the blues. I collect sea glass. I like to paint, sometimes with brushes, sometimes with my hands. I like the feeling of squished paint inbetween my fingers. I have two sons. Before I was a Mum I planned weddings and was a florist. I believe in Karma. I am always late. Sometimes I dont even show up at all. Thunderstorms energise me. I am a introverted extrovert. I am intuitive. When I smile I have one crooked tooth. I love to cook. I believe in miracles. I write myself notes. I have so many ideas, I often forget them. I like getting lost. Reading is one of my most favourite things to do, except I get sad when the story ends.